Save money for your study abroad trip!

Savings and budgeting for study abroad programs- many students do not choose to study abroad because they are under the impression of ridiculous costs and are afraid that they cannot afford the experience. This is not 100% true. Study abroad is doable with great planning and here are some tips that may help students save for their trip:

  • Look at what you’re spending and calculate where you can cut back
    • Needs versus wants
    • Morning coffee, snacks, dining out, whatever else you spend money on frequently
  • Cancel memberships that you don’t use
    • Gym memberships, online subscriptions
  • Do more free stuff
    • Hanging out with friends leading up to your study abroad trip? Look for free events to attend, cook dinner at home, have movie nights/game nights at home
  • Ask family members and friends for hand-me-down travel goods
    • Don’t stress about travel gear. Chances are, your friends and family have a lot of basic travel gear such as a suitcase, travel pillow, travel bags etc.
  • Search for flights in advance
    • Incognito mode on your browser
    • Cheap flights calendar
      • Cheapest days
      • Most expensive days










  • Find a bank that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees or reimburses you for ATM fees–major US banks are your best bet. You can also apply for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees like Capitol One or Bank of America (travel card)
  • Budget according to your personality. What do you prioritize?
    • The travelers- train ticket to Paris
    • The partiers- night out dancing in Spain
    • The shoppers- new shoes in Milan
    • The food critics- tasty meals from the hippest spots in London

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