Sunday, July 29th, Blog by Heidi Stecher.

Today we traveled east about 8 hours from Guatemala City to Lake Izabal in an old yellow school bus. From what I heard is that the yellow buses found in Guatemala are from the United States, ones that didn’t work very well.  Oh geez! But I am sure the Guatemalans are resourceful when they break down or maybe most people are more mechanically inclined than most Westerners who bring their vehicles to get serviced instead of fixing it themselves.

We made about an hour stop at Quirigua Mayan ruins.  We are staying at La Finca Paraiso outside of the town, El Estor.  This was very cool to see, I enjoy going to Mayan ruins, I have been to Tikal which is outstanding.  Quirigua of what has been uncovered was minor compared to Tikal but nonetheless impressive. It is situated amongst large beautiful trees entangled in immense vines.  I tried to imagine life there as before when it was a booming commercial center. What are the Mayans wearing, what did they look like, the colors? In my mind, I saw brightness, blue, yellows, and reds, shiny jewelry with many beautiful colored stones.  What was the condition of the stelaes? The natural rocks that were both an art form but also a way to communicate the history of the leaders and wars. I also imagined if similar trees existed there if the climate was the same or different if we were smelling the same air.  Was it thick and humid? I wanted to jump back in time to the 800 A.D. because it felt unreal and I wanted it to become real. As I was thinking all of this, we received a downpour that lasted minutes but seemed to wake me up from my imagination. Now I saw my colleagues ahead of me that looked like drowning cats. Another thought that came to mind did they have cats?  Ha-ha, oh yeah panthers…


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