Chinachabilchoch Clinic

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Starting today is difficult for we stayed in the village overnight due to the length of time required to reach this area, yesterday we had a clinic for the Semanzana village people who travel to Chinachabilchoch to be seen. Today we will be seeing the Chinachabilchoch villagers and then going to our Paraiso Hotel. Staying in the village overnight was challenging due to the lack of comforts after working a long hot day. A makeshift shower system was placed in a building for the teams use, but very few used it due to lighting and privacy issues. The latrine was an outdoor facility used by 20 or more people which did not stay clean. We set-up our sleeping quarters in the same building as our clinic. We prepared for this overnight stay with air mattresses and mosquito nets which were arranged in three different areas of the building. Everyone was tired after our work day but falling to sleep was difficult due to the hot nighttime air and the rustling/noisiness of the other cohorts.

Everyone worked hard today and even though we woke this morning with little sleep and felt at our worst, no one showed any signs of frustration towards the patients or each other during the clinic. I was very proud of our group today and glad to see everyone overcoming the difficult challenge placed upon them with such professionalism. Everyone worked with a focus today as we process 90-100 patients, we were motivated to get back to the hotel for some comfort and relaxation.

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