Esperanza Tunico Clinic

Monday, July 30, 2018

Today our village clinic was in Esperanza Tunico, people were already waiting for as we arrived to get set up for the workday. In total for the day, we saw about sixty patients comprising mostly women and children, for the men are at work during our clinics which run from 9 a.m. to about 2 p.m. For this clinic I worked in the vital sign station, the station rapidly became chaotic as patients did not understand the flow process and the language barrier provided additional challenges. It did not take long to come up with an organized process which improved the patient flow, this is where I noticed my passed charge nursing experience came into action. Mostly the patient’s vital signs were stable, as this group of people are seen every six months by the GVH team and regularly by the local health promoter. The GVH records the data for each patient seen, and we noticed very few new clients at this clinic.

Today I was able to work on my Spanish skills to communicate greetings, my title and what my station was providing. It was easy to feel motivated to help this population for the patients were very pleasant, cooperative and eager to seek help. I noticed the patients were well dressed, I felt the people were in their best clothing to come to the clinic, they show pride in the cultural attire. During the chaotic day, I never once viewed a client who was angry, upset, or pushy, everyone displayed a pleasant disposition. I wondered if this clinic was really helping the people of Esperanza Tunico as it felt like we were band-aid healing. I learned that the local health promoters follow-up with patients care, which helped me think that we were making a difference.

The most difficult challenge for this clinic was dealing with the hot, humid weather and remembering to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking warm water was not refreshing but adding flavoring to the water, like a GU electrolyte helped me to take in needed fluids.

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