Hospital Roosevelt Tour

Friday, August 10, 2018

Today the UW group toured the Hospital Roosevelt in Guatemala City. The group was subdivided into two, and each tour viewed a different area of the hospital. My visit was led by two of the hospital’s nurses, and we observed the emergency room, holding areas, operating rooms and the ICU. Some history facts, the Hospital Roosevelt was built in the 1940’s and is named after President Roosevelt, the healthcare facility serves people from the capital city and the entire country. Patients are referred to the hospital, and the care is free but items such as IV fluids, blood products, and medication are not free, and the patient or their family/friends need to purchase items required for the care which can be difficult for a poor, ill person.

The hospital tour felt like stepping back in time, in the general areas the equipment was very old looking, the holding areas were wards which did not allow privacy for the patients. When touring the ICU, I was pleasantly surprised to see updated equipment, the ICU monitors were modernized, they used the same feeding pumps as my ICU, and the ventilators appeared to be very new. During the hospital tour, there were no overly distressed patients, everyone appeared to be comfortable, the group of patients waiting for orthopedic surgery all seem to be tolerating their injuries well. I thought there would be a lot of moaning and distressed patients due to pain, as it is difficult for a patient to afford pain medications.


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