Team Togo

After only a few days of being home I still can’t believe that I just got back from three weeks in Ghana and Togo. It was a whirlwind experience, but I learned so much and really enjoyed working with our wonderful UW team. This was a great experience as a primer for my service in Peace Corps next year in Togo. In many ways it helped me get a better understanding of what living in Togo will be like.
I learned so much working in the clinics. Before I left for Togo, I was a little unsure how my knowledge in public health would be very useful in a clinic, but I realized that so many of the systemic problems in Togo directly affect the people coming into the clinics. For example, we saw in many clinics that people were unable to go to the hospital because of transportation or the cost of hospitalization. These challenges were difficult to face and really drew on my initial thoughts that Togo is a forgotten country. There was much less aid seen in Togo compared to Ghana. The infrastructure was significantly worse and there was a clear difference in accessibility from one country to the other. It made me really appreciate that I choose to spend the first 4 days and the last 4 days in Ghana and use the comparison to better understand the need in Togo.
This was a fantastic experience and it really put the concepts that I have learned in health studies and other BIS classes into a real world perspective.IMGP3341