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My name is Cameron Locke, and I’m an environmental studies major in my junior year. This program originally piqued my interest because of two words: “Japan” and “Renewable”. I’d heard of this program for well over a year as I did orientations for my job on campus and I finally decided that I would apply.

Mechanical engineering and environmental studies sounds as different as apples and oranges. Yet there I was, hoping to see the environment from a couple new perspectives. The image that many people have of Japan is this amazing, high-tech society, and I was curious as to where Japan stood in their efforts to put renewable energies in place.

Pre-departure travel tips

• Pack light! You only need about 5-7 days’ worth of clothes. You’ll have access to a washer and a dryer while
you’re at the share house (trust me, you’ll want to wash your clothes often).
• A few quality of life suggestions: bring breathable clothes, an umbrella, bug spray and at least 2 pairs of walking shoes

Pre-departure and travel experience
The pre-departure for this study abroad was probably the most worried I have ever been when traveling. I travelled with a couple other classmates, and we were due to arrive in Matsuyama a day earlier than most of the other students in the program. It wasn’t so much the packing and making sure that I didn’t forget anything as much as it was Typhoon Jebi passing over Japan during the days of my flight. I fully expected delays in LAX, but our flight departed as scheduled.

The typhoon seemed to have scared off quite a few passengers because our plane was fairly empty. This allowed passengers who were cramped together to take a different seat of their choosing for the duration of the flight with no extra cost.
Upon our arrival in Matsuyama, we were greeted by one of the Ehime University students who would take us to the share house.