Fish and Deer

It’s been just over one month since arriving in Japan and I can safely say I’ve settled down completely. School is in full swing and I haven’t had as much free time as I had hoped, but I still managed to travel to a few new places since my last post.

A few weeks ago I visited Osaka Aquarium, which is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The only other aquarium I had been to before then was the Seattle Aquarium, so I was in for a real surprise. Osaka Aquarium was absolutely massive, and had an amazing selection of sea life. My favorite was the sunfish which, though beautiful, was not particularly bright. While I was there it managed to swim face first into the glass at full speed.

Last week I visited Nara, which is one of my favorite places in Japan. Much like Kyoto, Nara is home to many of Japan’s famous historical sites. Nara Park contains a number of beautiful temples but what really make it stand out are the locals. Nara is home to more than a thousand spotted deer, which roam the park freely and are very accustomed to people. Vendors throughout the park sell biscuits which you can then feed to the deer, but if you’re not careful they will sometimes eat your clothes, paper, or even your money! The deer will often let you pet them, and some will even bow before being given a treat. Here is a family of deer panhandling outside a souvenir shop for some tasty biscuits:

Though it seems the deer aren’t always fun and games:

My first month in Japan has been an absolute blast, but it truly saddens me that a whole month has already gone by. My goal is to make the next month even better by exploring even more of Japan, and I will continue to share my stories when I get a chance.

Thanks for reading.