UW Honors Announcements

February 13, 2020

Call for Applications: Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands: A Field School

The Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands program, directed by Dr. Amy Reed-Sandoval (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, UNLV) is currently accepting applications for a cluster of fully-funded, full-time fellowships for the inaugural Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands field school, which will run from Sunday, June 28th through Sunday, August 3rd in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico—two cities that form a binational community around the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fellows will receive intensive training in Philosophy for Children pedagogical methods while studying educational and cultural politics of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands region. They will receive mentoring and support as they team-teach Philosophy for Children classes in Spanish and English at three community sites, including a community center serving Mexican and Mexican-American youth in the Segundo Barrio of El Paso, a migrant shelter for adolescents in Ciudad Juárez, and a lending library and community center serving children of factory/maquila workers in Ciudad Juárez. Additionally, fellows will collaborate with community partners in the production of bilingual, culturally-relevant teaching materials and original scholarship on pedagogy and educational policy in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands region.

In exchange for their participation in the field school, Fellows will receive:

  1. airfare to and from El Paso (when required);
  2. lodging in El Paso, Texas;
  3. a food and local transportation stipend;
  4. books and other teaching materials;
  5. a participation stipend/scholarship of $1200; and
  6. the opportunity to apply for additional funding to present research results at conferences.

Participants may also apply to receive UNLV course credit in exchange for their participation (note: this is not required, and tuition costs not covered through the Fellowship). The Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands program was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing free, bilingual (Spanish-English) pre-college philosophy courses to children and youth of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands region. To date, it has provided such courses to hundreds of children and trained numerous Philosophy for Children teachers, some of whom have gone on to found their own outreach programs.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accredited universities throughout the
United States and Mexico are welcome to apply. Some spaces in the program have been
reserved for applicants from El Paso, Ciudad Juárez, and UNLV: please note in your cover letter
if you fall into one of these categories. While Fellows need not be native speakers of Spanish,
they must speak Spanish at a level that enables them to have philosophical conversations with
children and youth. They should also speak English at an upper-intermediate level or higher.
Fellows must also be able to enter/exit both Mexico and the United States, and they must
commit to living and working on-site for the entirety of the field school (without interruption).

Applicants with academic background in philosophy, borderlands studies, Latin American studies, education and/or related fields are especially encouraged.

Application instructions

Interested applicants should send the following documents (in English or Spanish) to amy.reed-
sandoval@unlv.edu by March 15th:

  1. a cover letter, approximately two pages in length, that discusses the applicant’s motivations for applying, their relevant experience (i.e. academic, teaching, community service), their willingness to commit to an intensive field school experience at the U.S.-Mexico border, and their level of spoken Spanish and English;
  2. a CV/resume; and
  3. a letter of recommendation submitted by the recommender directly to Amy Reed-Sandoval at the address listed above. Letter-writers should address, among other things, the applicant’s maturity and preparedness for participating in an intensive field school experience.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to participate in an interview via Skype that will be conducted in both Spanish and English. Fellows will be selected by the end of March.