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November 25, 2020

History Lecture Series Colloquium – Technology and Its Discontents

Dear Students,


Are you looking for an exciting, unique two credit course this Winter 2021? HSTRY 201 (SLN: 22128) History Lecture Series Colloquium: Technology and Its Discontents currently has seats available. Please see the below course description (and lecture schedule) and the attached course flyer for more information:



SLN: 22128


2 credits

Wed. 3:30pm – 4:50pm

Instructor: Dr. Roneva Keel


Students attend weekly lectures through the History Lecture Series, then discuss themes generated from the lectures. Students write reflective papers comparing, contrasting, and expanding upon themes presented. The 2021 History Lecture Series includes four presentations by UW History faculty on “Technology and Its Discontents.” Speakers will examine the role technologies have played in society since the medieval period and trace the connections around the world to contemporary issues of social, economic, and political justice.


The 2021 History Lecture Series schedule:

  • January 20 | From Caravans of Gold to Atomic Bombs: African Mining in World History

Lynn Thomas, Professor of History

  • January 27 | Photographic Power: Tales from the Philippines and the United States

Vicente Rafael, Professor of History

  • February 3 | Arming the Police and the ‘Social Source of Our Distresses’

Bruce Hevly, Associate Professor of History

  • February 10 | Digital Discontents, from the Age of the Mainframe to the Era of Big Tech

Margaret O’Mara, Howard and Frances Keller Endowed Professor of History


Please reach out to histadv@uw.edu if you have questions. Thank you!