UW Honors Announcements

November 25, 2020

NEW STUDY ABROAD OPTION for students in their countries of citizenship

UW Study Abroad is now allowing undergraduate students to enroll in academic programs offered in English in their countries of citizenship, for Winter quarter 2021 and Spring quarter 2021.

This is the only permitted form of undergraduate study abroad at UW, under the current travel restrictions.

This opportunity allows eligible UW students to:

  • Maintain UW student enrollment
  • Earn academic credit abroad
  • Convert it to UW credit at the end of the enrollment abroad

To be eligible, a student must hold a passport from the country in which they propose to study: they must be an undergraduate international student from that country, or a dual citizen of that country and the United States.

You can find information about this option on our new student-facing webpage:
Students who wish to make use of this opportunity must find their own program or university in which to enroll, and identify courses that they want to take and, eventually, transfer to UW. All courses taken must be in English.
Students must meet with a UW academic adviser in either their home department or in UAA Advising — so you may hear from students in your department who want to meet with you to discuss this option. We have told students very clearly that credit approval authority lies entirely with UW academic departments, not with UW Study Abroad.