UW Honors Announcements

January 19, 2021

Counseling Center Mental Health Groups for Winter 21

This past quarter, we found that students were hungry for groups.  Whereas we needed to convince students that groups were a great treatment option in the past, last fall, students were the ones calling us asking for group options.  So, we are offering more groups.  Attached is a list of the various offerings by day of the week:

  1. Therapy groups that require that the students commit to attending the group, indicated by “referral needed.”
  2. Drop-in groups and workshop series.
  3. Let’s Talk, for consultation with a counselor.


For more detailed group listings, see https://wellbeing.uw.edu/mental-health/groups-workshops-trainings/ or check out our Instagram page: @uwcounseling


As a reminder, during the pandemic, students have the option of using My SSP (My Student Support Program) for consultation with a counselor :http://mentalhealth.uw.edu

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