News from the Research Commons

May 5, 2016

The Lineup: Scholars’ Studio TRANSFORM

Attend Scholars’ Studio on May 19th, 4-6pm!

Scholars' Studio 5.19.2016

Scholars’ Studio TRANSFORM presents: 

Wesley Henry: “Changing Culture by Embracing Heritage: Transforming a Remote, Rural School”

James Kralj: “Transforming Our View of the Ocean, One Strand of DNA at a Time”

Karen Chan: “Re-embracing the Power Plant”

Taylor Boulware: “Queer the Walking Dead: The 100, Elyza Lex, & Transformative (Fan)Fiction”

Le Zhen: “Developing Synthetic Vascular Grafts that Transform into Living Blood Vessels in the Body”

Madison Smith: “Waves of Change: How Ocean Waves are Contributing to the Rapid Transformation of the Arctic Environment”

Ben Wirth: “Transforming Zones of Conflict in Contemporary War Literature”

Biswajit Paul: “Transform From Within: Gene Editing for HIV Cure”

Katie Querna: “Tossing Out the Binary: Transforming Gender and Sexuality Norms to Improve Health”

Gary W. Liu: “From Patient to Researcher: Transforming How Kidney Disease is Treated”

Amanda Tanadinata: “Audit and Restructure of Gastroenterology Cancer Resource Biorepository”