News from the Research Commons

August 23, 2016

Spotlight on: Gary Liu and the Transformation of Drug Carriers

“Fail often, but fail quickly” is Gary Liu’s motto in the lab. Gary’s research is complex, focused on developing carriers to transport drugs to a diseased part of the body while leaving the rest of the body unaffected. Targeted drug carriers will result in better treatment without side effects.


Gary’s motivation stems from personal experience; at age five, Gary was diagnosed with kidney disease. Growing up in Texas, Gary was surrounded by medicine and science which led to his degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Texas at Austen. He became frustrated with the lack of drug carriers targeting kidney disease and concluded “hey, maybe I could be the person to do this.”

Gary is “doing this” through his research in the University of Washington bioengineering department, which applies engineering to solve health issues. He hopes to become a professor working at the intersection between bioengineering and nephrology (medicine focused on kidney disease) and to collaborate with both engineers and clinicians to develop more effective treatment. Last year, Gary’s transformative research was honored by his inclusion as one of the Husky 100. Gary educates and inspires by continuing to courageously share his story.

Learn more about Gary’s research here.