News from the Research Commons

November 13, 2017

Spotlight on: Whiteboard Competition in the Research Commons!

Have you been following our whiteboard competitions that has been happening this fall in the Research Commons?

We listened to your feedback

Last year, Research Commons users provided excellent feedback, including that there was a need for new whiteboards. Over the summer, we installed fresh new whiteboards in all the green areas (along with many pieces of new furniture) in response to your feedback.

This is where you came in: we allowed you to vote on the different kinds of whiteboards as the competition progressed, each week the winner facing off against a new type of board. Read on for details on the competition, and to find out the winner!

Part 1


The first choice was between similar types of whiteboards, one short and one long. As you can see, the long whiteboard was the winner!

Part 2



Next, the first winner (large horizontal whiteboard) faced off against a new challenger, the new vertical glass whiteboard. It was a close call, but the large horizontal whiteboard got to keep it’s title as reigning champ!

Part 3


Finally, the last competition was between the large horizontal whiteboard and the snazzy whiteboard tables. Ultimately, the whiteboard tables beat the winner of the previous two competitions!

The Winner – the whiteboard table!


The whiteboard table is the final winner of our running competition! Thank you to everyone who participated.


We are taking note that the big horizontal boards and the whiteboard tables are the most loved by our users. We are happy that you all are enjoying our new furniture!