News from the Research Commons

March 7, 2018

Scholars’ Studio Spotlight: Ashley Arrington on Law Librarianship

Ashley doesn’t know if she would be becoming a law librarian if it was not for her research. A Texas native, Ashley received her J.D. from Texas A&M University and then proceeded to get her advanced law degree from Northeastern. While in Boston she met her mentor, Jootaek (Juice) Lee, a senior law librarian who focuses on international law. After taking a course with him, Juice encouraged her to publish her research. Through their time working together, Ashley found a new avenue for teaching law that she had not seen before: law librarianship.

Law librarianship is not often advertised to law students, many law schools tend to push traditional large firm work. Alternative legal career paths not highlighted in law school, it is only because of her research and mentor that Ashley made connections between teaching and librarianship. Ashley knows that many people are not litigators, and she hopes to highlight alternate paths law students can take in academics and public policy when she gets to teach in a law classroom.

Ashley’s advice for graduate students? Pursue research and mentorship, and look for connections. When you follow your research and further explore your field, you never know what doors you are going to open. You might just discover a new door you didn’t know was there.