1000 Surveys celebrate!!

What food would you guys like to eat for the 1000th survey?

I say we all get our of ferrari’s gifted by the TLC!

P.S. Since it is the end of the quarter, I’d like to make you guys a customized keychain like mine below, it will be in white or blue instead of clear. You can choose any text you want and the shape is either rectangle or circle. Need your emails in BY Wednesday JUNE 8TH 12pm

If you guys want it, please email me(mhuynhx3@uw.edu) the following info:

  • Text you want on it
  • size (just say standard if you don’t have something specific in mind)
  • color(white or blue) I’ll pick the most popular color
  • shape(rectangle or circle)
  • other ?


Food for next quant meeting

  1. What foods do you guys want for the next quant meeting?

So far, I got:

Food Votes
Croissants 4
Muffins 3
Bagels 4
Pizza 1
Fruits 3
Ice Cream 2
Donuts 2
Coffee 2
Pastries 1
Carbonara 1

Mindy: anything but donuts but preferably Fruits/Croissants

Rahul: Pizza

Damiene: Croissants

Dalana: Coissants/Muffins (no donuts)

Leslie: anything but no donuts

Courtney: Bagels/Muffins

Tara: Fruits!

Duong: Croissants

Ella: Bagels/Muffins/Ice cream

Arne: Bagels

Dwayne: Fruits, Donuts and Bagels