501 Celebration

So last night we made it to 501 surveys.  I want to mention both here and in email that you all have done a super great job this quarter.  Please keep up the good work.


Also as promised…


are in the break room.

One slight catch, however, I acquired the vanilla ice cream and the root beer – sorry Kebra no orange soda 🙁  – but I did not get cups for the floats.

Can someone bring big plastic cups to the break room for these floats?  Also can someone acquire whip cream as well?  I think some people like to make their floats super awesome by topping whip cream in it.






1 thought on “501 Celebration

  1. I am not on campus today anyway so I will survive without the orange soda (and I also love root beer floats – I was just suggesting orange for variety). But enjoy everyone!

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