Food for next quant meeting

  1. What foods do you guys want for the next quant meeting?

So far, I got:

Food Votes
Croissants 4
Muffins 3
Bagels 4
Pizza 1
Fruits 3
Ice Cream 2
Donuts 2
Coffee 2
Pastries 1
Carbonara 1

Mindy: anything but donuts but preferably Fruits/Croissants

Rahul: Pizza

Damiene: Croissants

Dalana: Coissants/Muffins (no donuts)

Leslie: anything but no donuts

Courtney: Bagels/Muffins

Tara: Fruits!

Duong: Croissants

Ella: Bagels/Muffins/Ice cream

Arne: Bagels

Dwayne: Fruits, Donuts and Bagels

12 thoughts on “Food for next quant meeting

  1. I still like donuts. Bagels are great too. And I guess I will vote for fruit. Want to make sure I don’t get scurvy!!

  2. Ha ha, wow, we’ve really rallied against Big Donut. I would like to change my vote from bagels/muffins to croissants/muffins.

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