All Quant Tutor Meeting Poll

Hi Tutors!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you are all getting back into the swing of things.  Today (Monday) has been pretty busy!  We are looking at holding an all quant tutor meeting next week.  Please complete the following doodle poll to select which potential tutor meeting times works best for you.  Thanks!

Upcoming All Quant Meeting: NEED YOUR INPUT!

Thanks to everyone who attended last Friday’s all quant meeting.  During our meeting we all had a chance to meet our new tutors, become familiar with our iPad check-out protocol, and ask questions about tutoring on the floor.  I also appreciated everyone’s patience waiting for the pizza to arrive!  Don’t forget to let Dwayne know if you have any upcoming planned absences (i.e. Wednesday before Thanksgiving or Finals week).

Our next all quant meeting will be held Friday, November 20th.  I heard a few requests to meet earlier in the day.  Would you all be in favor of a 10 am meeting?  Or would you prefer the lunch time meeting?  Please leave a comment with your preference!

Happy week 6!