25-10 Crowd Sourcing top “Best Workshop Ideas”

Great orientation today. We appreciate everyone’s energy and ideas. It’s going to be a great year.

You generated ideas for effective workshops and sequentially ranked then from 1 (not so impressive) to 5 (I would work to support that). All of your ideas are listed below with the scores indicated for the 8 most highly supported ideas. (A perfect score would be 25).

In decreasing order:
23: Encouraging participation by making worksheets designed to be done in groups
20:Get students to “teach” concepts to each other.
19: Identify concepts/materials that you or past students struggled with when taking the course and use this to plan.
18: Applications for every subject.
18: Use awesome metaphors. For example student says “No one has ever asked me in real life to use calculus.” Tutor responds, ” People won’t require you to do the best things in life. No one ever asked me to bake a cake.”
17: Teach skill of how to read a scientific paper on data analysis.
17: Use computer and applications for their problems.
17 Offer an agenda.

Remaining suggestions are offered without scores in no particular order.
* Gift reward and encourage everyone to participate.
*competitive group environment with all members engaged.
* Prepare worksheet and material well.
* At the start of the workshop, have student write on the board what it would look like when they have mastered this concept.
*Worksheets that are easy to follow.
Use Newton’s Law of Cooling to estimate optimal coffee temperature. It is a cool application and it has to do with, objectively, the greatest drink ever.
* Give prizes for people who participate the most.
* I will write nothing on the board. Students will do all the writing.
*Give candy for participation.