WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)

Letter of Recommendation

Toward the end of your WRITE student’s experience, a request for a letter or recommendation will come from the student. It is recommended that the preceptor create this letter soon after the student’s experience, so that his or her site time is still fresh in your mind. The letter will be used by the student when applying for residency programs.

  • Keep complete notes and a photo on file
  • When the student requests a letter, ask for a meeting and/or have the student provide a CV, a personal statement and/or a photo
  • Write the letter as soon as possible after the student’s rotation
  • Be sure to describe your affiliation with the UWSOM somewhere in the letter
  • Keep the letter on file; the student may extend their program
  • The structure of the letter should include the purpose of the letter, what the student is applying for, the nature of the preceptor’s relationship with the student, the student’s academic achievement and personal attributes, and a closing paragraph summing up what has been stated. Additionally, the letter writer must also include a statement indicating whether the student opted to waive or not waive their right to see the letter. For more tips on how to write an effective letter of recommendation, click here for guidelines in a printable PDF format or download the presentation given by Dr. Tomoko Sairenji at the Big Sky Faculty Development workshop in 2018.