WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)

Scheduling Grid

Scheduling Grid

To best utilize the time the student spends at the WRITE Site, we ask the WRITE primary preceptor to design and submit a schedule to their WWAMI Regional Office.  The schedule should ensure the student will receive experience in all areas while balancing professional and academic requirements with their personal needs. The scheduling grid can be created using a variety of sources, from the site’s in-clinic scheduling program to Google Calendar, etc. It is recommended the student spend the first week and the last four weeks of the WRITE rotation with their primary preceptor.

The schedule should detail how the student will spend their time during an average day, week, and month.

The schedule should include the following:

  • The first week should include orientation to all departments, persons, and policies the student will be working with, including clinic and hospital receptions, medical records, business offices, administration, nursing, medical education coordinators, and physicians.
  • Hospital rounds, office hours, emergency calls, community visits, and on-call.
  • Locations, “specialties”, and physicians the student will spend time with.
  • A half-day per week in the clinic with the primary preceptor and consistent patient panel so the student can build on the continuity experience.
  • Scheduled time to accomplish the general and specific course requirements.
  • Faculty visits, scheduled time off, scheduled seminars & meetings.
  • Meetings with the student, primary preceptor, and any other preceptors who have worked with the student that past month should be scheduled to complete weekly and monthly evaluations of the student’s progress and to review the student’s Patient Visit Log data

Example of a Scheduling Grid

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Student arrives at WRITE site. Student to arrange meeting time to pick up keys to apartment. Orientation Day (clinic and Hospital) and Epic training 8:00 am start at CHC with Dr. G. 8:00am start in FP Clinic with Dr. Primary Preceptor 10am start in FP with Dr. M

Afternoon with Dr. Primary Preceptor

Morning with Dr. Primary Preceptor
Afternoon in FP with Dr. M.
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
FP with Dr. Primary Preceptor Day at CHC with Dr. G.
Welcome Dinner with preceptors 6:00pm
IM with Dr. A. Morning for flex time
Afternoon in FP with Dr. M.
FP with Dr. Primary
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
FP with Dr. Primary Preceptor Day at CHC with Dr. G. IM with Dr. A. Morning for flex time
Afternoon in FP with Dr. M.
FP with Dr. Primary
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
IM with Dr. A. (afternoon with visiting cardiologist) Day at CHC with Dr. G. Hospice Meeting 8am-10am, followed by Nursing Home Visit.
Afternoon at CHC doing Peds with Dr. D.
Morning in FP with Dr. Primary
Afternoon for flex time
Morning procedures with Dr. Primary

Lunch with Dr. Primary for Monthly Written & Verbal Feedback session.

Afternoon in FP with Dr. M.