WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)


Moving to the WRITE Site

For more general information on travel associated with or during the WRITE clerkship, visit WWAMI Student Travel.

The student must:

  • Arrange travel dates with their appropriate WWAMI Regional Office and their primary preceptor, if appropriate.
  • Contact the travel coordinator in Academic Affairs at gowwami@uw.edu┬áto receive approval and arrange travel details.
  • Allow sufficient time to make travel arrangements to secure the lowest airfare rates available; students will be responsible for late booking charges.
  • Contact their appropriate WWAMI Regional Office to confirm the travel details have been arranged.

Housing and Transportation at Site

Students must live in their assigned rural community while rotating at the WRITE site. Past experiences have proven students can make a positive impact as part of the community.

Housing is provided by the WRITE site at no cost to the student. The WRITE site administrator will work with the student to find appropriate housing for the duration of the rotation. Suitable housing should include internet access, include basic furnishings and necessities, and be the proper size for the student and any accompanying spouse, domestic partner, and/or children. Prior to the rotation, the student and site will coordinate initial access to the property. WRITE students should plan to relocate to their WRITE site the weekend prior to their start date.

Students are responsible for their own personal transportation and meals during the WRITE experience.

Exam Travel

If a student is required to travel to the WWAMI Regional Office to take a final exam, they will either be reimbursed for driving to the exam site or the School will purchase airfare for the student, whichever is appropriate.

For more information, visit Dean of Medicine Exam Travel.

Winter Break Travel

2019 Winter Break: 12/13/2019 – 01/05/2020

For students beginning their WRITE clerkship on 9/23/2019 (Alaska, Washington, and Idaho), their foundation site is considered their home. The School of Medicine will provide round-trip travel funding from their WRITE site to their foundation site. If the foundation site is not their final destination for winter break, the student will cover the cost of the remaining travel.

The Idaho (2 sites), Montana, and Wyoming students will have already finished their WRITE clerkship before the winter break, so no winter break travel funding will be provided.