We are so happy that you want to join the UW School of Medicine WWAMI Faculty!

There are 5 forms that we need completed in order to begin the faculty

appointment process –

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
If you already have a CV, please be sure that it has all of the items from the Checklist included on it.
Need to create a CV? We have two ways to help you with this:

a) Click on this link to create your CV: Blank WWAMI CV Template – Word.

b) CV Generator – Complete this form and we will generate a CV that will be emailed to you within 48 business hours.

2. WWAMI Personal Data Form: Click here for the form.
3. Sexual Misconduct Declaration Requirements: Click here for the form.
4. UW Criminal Conviction Disclosure Form**Click here for the form.
*Only required for clinical faculty appointments.  
5. Washington State Patrol Form**: Click here for the form.
*Only required for clinical faculty appointments. 
**These two forms are used to initiate a criminal conviction background check.
A-Check Global is the consumer reporting agency vendor that conducts background checks for the university. You will receive an email from them as your appointment is nearing completion. Please be sure to open the email and complete it as it will expire in 3 days after it is received. Click here to get a preview of the messages and emails sending the background checks.

After you have completed the 5 steps above, please select your local WWAMI Clinical Office,

and it will open an email window to route these documents and begin the process: 

For those applying for appointments in Seattle, King and Pierce counties, please click here.