WWAMI Faculty Appointments

Biological Structure

Department Website: http://www.biostr.washington.edu/

Clinical Faculty Appointment Website: None

FORMS AND DOCUMENTATION – Forms below can be found on the RESOURCES page.

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATIONS (2-3) Letter from the Regional Affairs Clinical Dean and Vice Dean, optional letter from Site Director or Foundations Assistant Dean
UPDATED CV Should be typed in SOM format
UW CONVICTION/CRIMINAL HISTORY INFORMATION FORM Check for completeness and applicant signature
WASHINGTON STATE PATROL (WSP) FORM Check for completeness and applicant signature
VISA/PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS DOCUMENTATION If not a US citizen, then applicants need to fill out and submit:

  • I-94 (if coming from outside of the country) AND DS-2019 OR I-797;
  • OR a Permanent Resident Card,
  • OR an Employment Authorization Card (EAD Card)

PROCESSING TIME: Variable.  Processing time could take as long as 2 weeks or as long as 2 months. The faculty votes on appointments as they come up. There is no specific timetable. (3/15)

REAPPOINTMENTS: Each October, either letters or emails are sent to the affiliate and adjunct faculty reminding them to send in their latest CV and an update on their collaborations with the Department during the year.

Once those are in, a vote will be initiated with all eligible faculty, and then a letter with a list of the renewed affiliate/adjunct appointments will be sent to Renate Groth in A&P.  Once the confirmation of renewals is received in the Department, letters or emails will be sent to let the affiliate and adjunct faculty (and cc John Davis) know that their appointments have been renewed for another year.