WWAMI Faculty Appointments


Department Websites:

Clinical Faculty Appointment Website: https://depts.washington.edu/domweb/appointments/clinical.html

*Note that the link takes you to the departmental intranet.  You must have a UW Net ID and be granted permission to access.  If you do not have access, please email TBD.

FORMS AND DOCUMENTATION – Forms below can be found on the RESOURCES page.



LETTER OF RECOMMENDATIONS (2-3) Letter from the Regional Affairs Clinical Dean and Vice Dean, optional letter from Site Director or Foundations Assistant Dean
UPDATED CV Should be typed in SOM format
UW CONVICTION/CRIMINAL HISTORY INFORMATION FORM Check for completeness and applicant signature
WASHINGTON STATE PATROL (WSP) FORM Check for completeness and applicant signature
VISA/PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS DOCUMENTATION If not a US citizen, then applicants need to fill out and submit:

  • I-94 (if coming from outside of the country) AND DS-2019 OR I-797;
  • OR a Permanent Resident Card,
  • OR an Employment Authorization Card (EAD Card)

PROCESSING TIME: Up to 8 months.  During the summer, the process may take longer due to vacations, etc. (3/15)


  • DOM’s Academic HR receives a request for a clinical faculty appointment from either Student Programs or the office of the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
  • DOM’s Academic HR coordinates appropriate concurrences for proposed appointment
  • DOM’s Academic HR polls appropriate Division Head if candidate’s CV indicates advanced training and/or private practice in a subspecialty of medicine; dependent on outcome of poll the candidate could be assigned to either:
  • Division Unspecified
  • DOM Division (i.e. Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, etc.)
  • For Division Unspecified – DOM’s Academic HR coordinates WWAMI Review Committee Vote
  • For DOM Division – Division staff coordinate division faculty vote
  • Upon receipt of Majority + one vote – DOM Academic HR forwards completed packet to Dean’s Office, School of Medicine for review/approval.
  • Upon SOM approval, DOM Academic HR will notify new faculty member via “welcome letter” (with instructions).




In September each year a list of clinical faculty should be circulated to all regular voting faculty in each Division. The voting faculty should be asked to review the list carefully and submit to the Division Head, if they choose, responses describing why certain (if any) clinical faculty members should not be reappointed. In-depth consideration is needed should these responses recommend non-renewal for performance-based reasons. Non-renewal for insufficient activity in departmental programs does not require deeper discussion.

Based on the input and vote of the faculty in your division, the Division Head should then recommend to the Chair the names of all clinical faculty who should be reappointed and those who should not be reappointed. If non-reappointment is recommended, indicate the reason(s).

Recommendations for renewal or non-renewal of clinical faculty are due in the department office in November each year.

Reappointment timelines

JULY  July 1 – Acting faculty, clinical/affiliate faculty and Fellows are reappointed for the next academic year
SEPTEMBER The Chair’s Office will write to each Division Head regarding the reappointment of acting faculty, clinical/affiliate faculty and Teaching Associates. Reappointment decisions will be due into the Chair’s Office by November 1
OCTOBER Note from the Chair’s Office will go to each Division Head regarding his/her Research faculty who need to be reappointed beginning the next academic year

Review Acting faculty for reappointment for next academic year

Review Adjunct faculty for reappointment for next academic year

NOVEMBER November 1 – reappointment decisions (from divisions) on acting faculty, clinical/affiliate faculty and Teaching Associates are due into the Chair’s Office