WWAMI Faculty Appointments


Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs Checklists: Faculty WWAMI Appointment CHECKLIST 7312018

Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs Forms: 

Washington State Patrol Form June 2018

WWAMI Personal Data Form July 27, 2017

UW Criminal Conviction Disclosure Form 06 2013 2017

Fillable PDF CV: CV-PDF-fillable-2017 0927



Assistant Dean Sample Letter: Assistant Dean SAMPLE letter

WWAMI Office Directory Clinical Deans: WWAMI Office Directory Clinical Deans

Anesthesiology Clinical Appointment Required Forms: Outside-Clin-Fac-Appt-Form-Jan2015

MIME Required Forms: UWMC-Confidentiality-Agreement

OBGYN – June 2015: OBGYN Courtsey Clinical Fac Appt Packet June 2015

Otolaryngology Clinical Faculty Guidelines: Oto-Clinical-Fac-Guidelines-WWAMI

WWAMI Clinical Faculty (Collegiality, Benefits & Discounts Available): WWAMI Clinical Faculty

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