WWAMI Faculty Appointments

Tips & FAQs

WWAMI Faculty Appointment Process:

A CPI, Future State Appointment Process Flow Diagram:

WWAMI Faculty Appointment Future State Process


Background Check Emails

If you receive appointment packets from individuals associated with any of the following clinics, centers or health systems, please provide an alternate email address that doesn’t have a work affiliation. The background check email gets rejected from their servers. Example: ned.flanders@confluencehealth.org or zachary.morris@providence.org

  • Billings Clinic – MONTANA
  • Columbia Medical – WASHINGTON
  • Confluence Health – WASHINGTON
  • Everett Clinic – WASHINGTON
  • Riverstone Health – MONTANA
  • Rockwood Clinic – WASHINGTON
  • South Lake Clinic – WASHINGTON



Common errors made in completing faculty appointment applications and some tips to prevent them:

  • Application bypasses the proper channels (i.e. The Regional Dean’s office and the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs office) and is sent directly to the Department. Application should be initiated in the appropriate regional office, and sent to the Academic Affairs office in Seattle for review and letter of recommendation from the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs in Seattle.
  • Incomplete or missing documents.  Some examples given by the Departments are:
  • CV is not turned in.
  • Signatures are omitted.
  • Board certification information is missing.
  • No clear explanation of faculty contribution to the program or the number of hours they are involved.
  • CV should be in typed in the UW format to prevent kickback from the Dean’s office.