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Choral Journal CD reviews authored by UW conductors

The University of Washington Choral Cohort had a strong representation in the Choral Journal, the official periodical from the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA). Three of our current UW students as well as one alumnus all had CD Reviews featured in the February 2018 issue.

Second-year DMA student, Elisabeth Cherland, reviewed the CD Deo: Jonathan Harvey, which was recorded by the Choir of St. John’s College, Cambridge. She was especially enthusiastic about three of the pieces on the album: Come, Holy Ghost; I Love the Lord; and The Annunciation, which, by her estimation, made this album worth owning.


Another of our second-year DMA students, Gerrit Scheepers, wrote his review about Facing West: Choral Music of Conrad Susa and David Conte, recorded by Cappella SF Chamber Choir. As he stated, the works from these two composers are not widely recorded, so this CD is a valuable addition to the recording library. He effused praise for Cappella SF Chamber Choir’s impeccable balance, intonation, and diction.

Meg Stohlmann, a third-year DMA student, reviewed soft blink of amber light, recorded by the Houston Chamber Choir. The disc contains commissions and premieres from five American composers written for the choir’s twentieth anniversary. Many of the pieces featured unique instrumentation (including marimba) and several female poets and composers. As Meg said, this CD is “a must-have for conductors searching for new repertoire.”

Lastly, UW Alum Brad Pierson (2013) had a review of Buxtehude and His Circle included in this issue as well. Recorded by Theater of Voices, this album not only features two beautiful works from Buxtehude, but also works from lesser-known composers who were friends and contemporaries of the famed composer. The CD liner notes (in English and Danish) add valuable information about the composers included on this album.

These four add to the UW tally of reviews in the Choral Journal this academic year. In the October 2017 issue, third-year DMA student Sarah Riskind and second-year DMA student Steve Danielson also contributed CD reviews.