Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton Seat­tle, with its pop­u­la­tion of over 40,000 stu­dents, has a rich tra­di­tion of excel­lence in the choral and vocal fields.  Stu­dents are able to join a wide vari­ety of choirs (seven in all) that have won per­for­mance and record­ing awards region­ally and nation­ally, while tour­ing inter­na­tion­ally.

Auditioned Ensembles
Chamber Singers            351/551              Dr. Geoffrey Paul Boers
University Chorale          350/550              Dr. Giselle Wyers
Recital Choir                   307/507               Sarah Riskind
Audition Information

Unauditioned Ensembles
University Singers           100A                  Steve Danielson, Jennifer RogersSarah Riskind
Gospel Choir                   100B                   Phyllis Byrdwell
Women’s Choir                201                    Elisabeth Cherland, Miriam Anderson
Men’s Glee Club              200                    Jeffrey Larkin, Meg StohlmannDavid Wimett